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How to buy . . .

I sell my pieces at local craft shows - as shown on my Facebook page. Pieces can be commissioned via email with an in-person consultation where possible. I do not have a store front nor is my shop open to the public except for consultation by appointment. Commissions will be able to be paid for with PayPal, E-transfer, or I can invoice through Square.

Watch for an online shop in the future.

I welcome enquiries from shops and interior decorators.

Past projects . . .

All pieces shown in the galleries can be altered to any degree. This could be size, material, ornamentation, or finish. Even if you should like that particular piece as it is shown, be assured that due to the nature of solid wood your version will still look original.

Please note that the turned giftware cannot be as closely duplicated as they are artistic expressions based on the glass - vintage or new - and the wood blank.

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